Friday, September 2, 2022

Friday Fabric Refresh - Elixir by Melody Miller for Ruby Star Society

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Happy Friday! I'm back with another edition of Friday Fabric Refresh, where I refresh some of my quilt patterns in new fabric so that you can hopefully be inspired and be confident in your fabric choices.

I'm featuring another Ruby Star Society collection today (in case you couldn't tell, I kind of have a thing for Ruby Star fabrics these days!)  I have liked Melody Miller's Elixir collection since it was first announced.  This fabric recently arrived to quilt shops and I think it was originally supposed to be released in March so the wait has felt like an eternity!  I'm trying really hard to resist buying this fabric because I have too much fabric already but it's sooo tempting!  I'm hoping to get my fix with these digital quilts.

The first pattern that I have refreshed today is Besotted which is a fun and easy chain quilt.  The pattern is written for a layer cake.  However, there are a lot of very dark fabrics in this collection and I didn't want my main block fabrics to blend in with the chain fabric.  Instead, I chose 12 of my favorite prints and used each for three blocks.  If you decide to use fat quarters to make this quilt, you will be able to cut enough pieces from each fat quarter to make three blocks.


The next quilt is Log Jam.  This is a jelly roll friendly pattern but it also includes instructions for fat quarters.  This is one of those patterns that looks great in just about any fabric and Elixir is no exception!


Double Take is another jelly roll pattern.  This one takes a little bit more thought when deciding on fabrics.  I like to decide on an accent fabric first.  For the first option below, I used a light pink print from the Elixir collection for my accent.  So that meant that I did not want to use any of the light pink jelly roll strips in my quilt because they would blend into the accent.  You only need 32 strips to make this quilt so you should have enough strips left if you leave those out.


For the second version of Double Take, I decided to use a light teal print from the collection.  That meant that I had to replace some of the light green and teal fabrics from the first version with the light pink prints.  


There seem to be more green prints than pink prints in Elixir so I still had some prints that matched the accent a little more than I would like.  I decided to try swapping the accent and background colors so that the accent was white and I could use any of the colors from the jelly roll without worrying about whether they would disappear into the accent. 


I also refreshed a couple of fat quarter patterns with Elixir.  The first is Stargazing and this pattern is a great way to use a lot of fat quarters and prints in one quilt.  A lot of times, I'll buy a whole fat quarter bundle and then only need a few fat quarters to make a quilt.  Stargazing uses 25 fat quarters.  It won't use the whole bundle of Elixir but it's a lot closer than many patterns!


Good Fortunes is another fat quarter pattern.  You only need 16 fat quarters for this one if you just want to pick out your favorites!  You'll also need to choose a sashing fabric.  I decided on one of the light pink prints from Elixir for this refreshed version.  


Ruby Star Society collections used to come in half yard bundles.  However, they recently switched from half yard bundles to fat eighth bundles, which were not previously available.  If you want to make use of this new option, you might enjoy making a Spellbound quilt.  This pattern was written for a honey bun and jelly roll, but I included instructions for fat eighths since I know that honey buns are not a common precut.  You can make Spellbound with 25 fat eighths.  


Finally, I'm sharing a refreshed version of my Easy Argyle pattern.  This quilt is made with yardage.  I think this quilt tends to look best with no more than one busy or larger scale print with the others either solid or small scale.  I went with the large floral and my favorite light print print, and then a white for the diamonds.

That's all for today.  I hope you've enjoyed these patterns refreshed in Elixir by Melody Miller for Ruby Star Society.  Are there other patterns of mine that you would like to see refreshed in Elixir?  Let me know in the comments below and I might be able to include them in a future Friday Fabric Refresh blog post!
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