Friday, January 14, 2022

Friday Fabric Refresh - Stay Gold by Melody Miller for Ruby Star Society

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Happy Friday! I'm extra excited today because my day job added Martin Luther King Day as a company holiday this year so I have a three-day weekend! I'm also excited because the long-awaited Ruby Star Society collection Stay Gold is finally arriving in stores!  I think the precuts have been out for a bit, but the yardage is finally here.  To celebrate, I'm featuring Stay Gold for my latest edition of Friday Fabric Refresh!


Stay Square quilt in Stay Gold fabric

When I first saw this collection, I thought it was too bright for my tastes.  I don't often choose very bright saturated fabrics.  After seeing some of the quilt mockups included in Moda's catalog, I decided to give it a try.  I snagged an early release layer cake months ago and made a second sample of my recent Stay Square quilt pattern.  

I liked it so much that I redid the cover of my pattern at the last minute so that Stay Gold could be featured as the cover quilt!  If you want to see more of my Stay Gold Stay Square quilt (say that three times fast!), you can check out the blog post here.

This is not the first time I've shared a mockup in Stay Gold in a Friday Fabric Refresh post:

You can see it in my Log Jam pattern here and here.

You can see it in my Town Hall pattern here.  

You can see it in my Metro pattern here.


This collection has continued to grow on me so I had to give it its very own post.  It also seems to be very popular as I've already heard rumors of it selling out at some shops!