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Friday Fabric Refresh - Stay Gold by Melody Miller for Ruby Star Society

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Happy Friday! I'm extra excited today because my day job added Martin Luther King Day as a company holiday this year so I have a three-day weekend! I'm also excited because the long-awaited Ruby Star Society collection Stay Gold is finally arriving in stores!  I think the precuts have been out for a bit, but the yardage is finally here.  To celebrate, I'm featuring Stay Gold for my latest edition of Friday Fabric Refresh!


Stay Square quilt in Stay Gold fabric

When I first saw this collection, I thought it was too bright for my tastes.  I don't often choose very bright saturated fabrics.  After seeing some of the quilt mockups included in Moda's catalog, I decided to give it a try.  I snagged an early release layer cake months ago and made a second sample of my recent Stay Square quilt pattern.  

I liked it so much that I redid the cover of my pattern at the last minute so that Stay Gold could be featured as the cover quilt!  If you want to see more of my Stay Gold Stay Square quilt (say that three times fast!), you can check out the blog post here.

This is not the first time I've shared a mockup in Stay Gold in a Friday Fabric Refresh post:

You can see it in my Log Jam pattern here and here.

You can see it in my Town Hall pattern here.  

You can see it in my Metro pattern here.


This collection has continued to grow on me so I had to give it its very own post.  It also seems to be very popular as I've already heard rumors of it selling out at some shops!  

If you love lots of color and saturation in your quilts, you might want to give Scrappy Herringbone a try.  Look at all that color!  One or two layer cakes, depending on which size you want to make, are all you need to make this quilt (besides binding and backing, of course).

Scrappy Herringbone in Stay Gold

If you need a little something extra to offset all of that brightness, give Wanderlust a try.  That pattern includes two versions and this is the second version that uses fat quarters and an accent for the chains.  I used a bright white solid here.

Wanderlust in Stay Gold

Like the chain look of Wanderlust, but prefer something a little more toned down?  Make the cover version of Wanderlust with one jelly roll for the chains and a white background.

Wanderlust in Stay Gold

My Tumble pattern has a fun modern feel to it, so it seems like a good pairing with a modern Ruby Star Society fabric collection.  I went with a solid black accent for this one.  

Tumble in Stay Gold

Stay Gold includes three new colors of Ruby Star Society's Spark basics collection.  I used the lightest blue as the background on a couple of mockups to add some fun brightness to the quilts.  

The first is Shining Stars.  You can make this quilt with as few as 11 fat quarters!  Pick your favorites and have fun making these star blocks!

Shining Stars in Stay Gold

The second is Spun Sugar.  Technically, the blue isn't the background (that's the white in the blocks).  The blue is the setting triangles.  It does give a similar effect though by making the entire quilt feel light and bright!

Spun Sugar in Stay Gold

Are you a layer cake fan?  I mocked up several of my layer cake patterns in Stay Gold.  

First up is Besotted which is a fast and easy chain quilt that is a great option for a newer quilter!  I used solid black again as the chain fabric.  I love how this quilt looks a little like circles from a distance even though there is absolutely no curved piecing!

Besotted in Stay Gold

Next up is Blooming Kisses.  This pattern has two different versions (there are two separate listings in my shop, but both are for the exact same pattern which includes both versions).  Use two layer cakes to make the Blooming version that looks a little like flowers.  You can also use one layer cake and one jelly roll if that's what you happen to have on hand.

Blooming Kisses in Stay Gold

The other version is the Kisses version and only one layer cake is needed to make this quilt!

Blooming Kisses in Stay Gold

Have a layer cake to use and want to make something a little more intricate?  Give Wishing Well a try!  This quilt isn't hard.  It just involves some smaller pieces than most of the previous patterns that I've mentioned.  The scrappy stars make it worth it!

Wishing Well in Stay Gold

The final layer cake pattern is Midnight Clear.  This quilt uses 41 layer cake squares so I had to include the white fabrics.  I needed to use something other than white for the background so that the white stars wouldn't disappear in to the background.  I didn't really want a dark background, so I decided to use Spark Metallic in Shell.  I think it works!

Midnight Clear in Stay Gold

I decided to add one last mockup for a pattern that I love but haven't included in any Friday Fabric Refresh posts yet (at least, I don't think so!).  Park Place is an older pattern that calls for a honey bun and a charm pack.  I don't think Ruby Star Society collections include honey buns though.  The pattern does include instructions for using fat eighths instead, and while I don't think Stay Gold has fat eighth bundles, you could use fat quarters and r save the leftovers for another project!  

Park Place in Stay Gold

That's all for today!  I hope you enjoyed these colorful quilts in Stay Gold!  Are there other Pieced Just Sew patterns that you would like to see refreshed in Stay Gold?  If so, let me know in the comments below and I may be able to include them in a future edition of Friday Fabric Refresh!


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  1. LOVE your quilt!! and all those mock ups - what fun ways to see how the collection will work in these quilts.