Friday, December 10, 2021

Friday Fabric Refresh - Merry & Bright Bundle by Woodberry Way

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Happy Friday!  If you follow Alli of Woodberry Way, you have probably seen the Merry & Bright curated fat quarter bundle that she currently has for sale in her shop (if you don't see it, they may be sold out; see the bundle in her blog post here).  The bundle is full of reds, pinks, greens, and aquas and I immediately grabbed one.  Alli has made several quilts in this color palette in the past and they are some of my favorite quilts of hers.  

Once I placed my order, I started thinking about what I would make with it.  There are 20 fabrics in the bundle and I realized that my newest pattern Town Hall takes 20 fat quarters.  It's like it was fate!  I was able to find digital images of each print to upload into my Electric Quilt software (EQ8) (which is on sale through Sunday, by the way!) and then I started playing.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have already seen my Merry & Bright version of Town Hall, shown below.

Town Hall

Of course, I couldn't stop there!  I've been playing around in EQ8 all week and have been refreshing some of my other patterns with the fabrics in this bundle.  Now I'm torn about what I want to actually make!  I kind of want to buy myself another bundle while I have the chance.  As of the evening before this post publishes, the bundles are still available in the Woodberry Way shop, but once they sell out, they are gone for good.  I wasn't going to buy more than one bundle because I didn't think it would be fair to others who wanted one, but if you wait too long, I might give in!  :-) 

If you're reading this after the bundles are gone, you might be able to create a very similar bundle if you have a lot of Lori Holt fabrics in your stash.  The reason I was so easily able to find digital images of each fabric is because I recognized most of them.  Even those that I couldn't place for sure looked like Lori Holt fabrics so I knew where to start my search.  With the exception of the darker green with the white stripe, every fabric is Lori Holt from various collections over the past few years.  The stripe is from Poppy and Posey by Riley Blake.

Okay, now on to my other refreshed patterns!

If I do end up making a Town Hall quilt with my bundle, I will be able to make a second quilt from the leftovers!  The pattern lists three of my other patterns and describes how to cut up the leftovers to get the pieces needed for those quilts (not counting background, accent, etc.).  Metro is one of those three and that's what I want to make!  I've only made one Metro quilt so far and I think it's past time for another one!



The only question is if I will make it with a light gray accent as shown above or with the light blue accent shown below.  I tend to gravitate towards black, gray (both light and dark), or navy blue when it comes to accent choices, but when it comes to this particular color palette, I also really like the way a pale blue looks.



Another quilt that can be made from the leftovers from a Town Hall quilt is my Garden Charm pattern.  I really like how it looks with the light blue background and white accent.  Just like with Metro, the Town Hall pattern tells you what to cut from the fat quarter leftovers if you want to make this quilt.

Garden Charm

If you need a fast quilt for last minute holiday gifts, you might be able to whip up a Log Jam quilt.  When I made my pattern samples, I was shocked how quickly these blocks went together!  This pattern only requires 12 fat quarters, but if you want to use more of the bundle, you could use 18 and only cut four strips from each instead of what the pattern tells you to cut.  Bonus:  that would leave you enough leftover fabric to still make a Metro or Garden Charm quilt!

Log Jam has three layout options and I have included all three below.

Log Jam

Log Jam

Log Jam

Another pattern that is super-fast to put together is Stay Square.  Similar to Log Jam, you only need 12 fat quarters, but if you want to use 18 instead, cut two 10" squares from each and follow the cutting instructions for a layer cake instead of fat quarters.  Again, this will leave you with enough leftovers to make any of the quilts listed at the end of the Town Hall pattern!  Which accent would you pick, gray or navy?

Stay Square

Stay Square

Besotted goes together pretty quickly too and this is a great option if you like chain quilts.  I'm probably starting to sound like a broken record, but if you cut two 10" squares from each, you'll have the 36 layer cake squares needed for this pattern and you'll have the same amount leftover as you would if you had made Town Hall


As you can see, you have lots of options if you want to make two quilts from one bundle.  However, if you really only want to make one quilt, Treasure Hunt uses exactly 20 fat quarters.  

Actually, now that I think about it, you can actually make either Metro or Garden Charm from the leftovers of Treasure Hunt as well!  Treasure Hunt is an older pattern so it does not say how to do this.  You'll still need the Town Hall pattern if you need those details (you may be able to figure it out on your own once you have the Metro or Garden Charm patterns).  

(Just FYI, Town Hall also describes how to make a Friendship quilt from leftovers (I didn't make a mockup of that one in Merry & Bright) but you will not have enough to make Friendship if you make Treasure Hunt.  You will if you make any of the others mentioned above.)

Treasure Hunt

Finally, you can make an Americana quilt with 18 fat quarters.  For this quilt, you really can only get one quilt from the bundle.  You'll have a couple of extra fat quarters, but of the 18 that you do use, you will have very little left.


I hope you enjoyed these quilt refreshed in the Merry & Bright bundle curated by Woodberry Way!  As I mentioned earlier, this is a one-time bundle and once it's gone, it's gone.  If they are still available when you read this, don't wait if you want one for yourself!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook if you want to see what I ultimately decide to make with my bundle! 

Until next time,



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