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Friday Fabric Refresh - Town Hall Quilt Pattern

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Happy Friday!  I always love Fridays and Fridays are always better when I can share some of my patterns refreshed in other fabrics.  Today is even better than usual because I’m featuring my brand new pattern, Town Hall!

Town Hall in Tarrytown

This pattern just released yesterday and the photo above is of the quilt that matches the cover image.  I used Tarrytown by Kimberly Kight for Ruby Star Society.  This fabric finally arrived in shops fairly recently after a months-long delay due to the pandemic and the worldwide supply chain disruptions.  It kind of worked out because I made this quilt months ago using a pre-release fat quarter bundle that I had managed to snag.  It took me much longer to get the pattern ready than I intended (no issues with the pattern itself; just life).  So I’m really grateful that you should still be able to find this fabric fairly easily if you want to make your own.


Of course, the whole point of this blog post is to show you what Town Hall would look like in other fabrics.  Maybe you don’t really like Tarrytown.  We all have different tastes in fabrics!  Maybe you want to make a quilt for someone else who has a different style.  Maybe you’re reading this months from now and Tarrytown is hard to find but you have one of the other fabrics that I’m featuring in your stash.  

Whatever your reason, I have you covered!  I have several refreshed versions of Town Hall to share, ranging from modern, to holiday, to a little more traditional.  Let’s jump right in!

First up is another Ruby Star Society version in Stay Gold by Melody Miller.  This seems to be a really popular collection.  I believe the precuts showed up in quilt shops a month or so ago and yardage has either just arrived or is on its way.  Don’t quote me on that though!  With all the delays this year, I’ve lost track!  Town Hall is a layer cake friendly quilt so a layer cake would be perfect if all you can find for now is precuts.


Town Hall in Stay Gold

I couldn’t resist trying out one more Ruby Star Society collection.  Golden Hour by Alexia Abegg is from earlier this year, but you may still be able to find it.  As of when I’m writing this, Fat Quarter Shop has some.  I bought some Golden Hour for myself without a particular plan for it just because I liked it.  If you did the same, maybe Town Hall will be the pattern that fits!

Town Hall in Golden Hour

While I’m on a modern fabrics kick, I have to share a colorful version made with the Quilty Love Palette Picks bundle by Emily Dennis.  There are 20 fat quarters in the bundle which is exactly how many you need to make Town Hall if you go with the fat quarter option!  Fate!  Even better, the bundle is on sale for a really good price on Fat Quarter Shop (as of when I'm writing this)!

Town Hall in Emily Dennis's Quilty Love Palette Picks

I cannot believe that it is December already.  I feel like I just shared the quilt I made in Spooky ‘n Sweeter by Art Gallery Fabrics a week or two ago.  If you’re still looking for that perfect project for your stash of this cute Halloween collection, you may want to make a Town Hall quilt.  This pattern would certainly let those adorable larger scale prints shine!  I picked 10 of the prints from the collection as if I were using the option to use 1/3 yards that is included in the pattern.  There are less than 20 prints in Spooky ‘nSweeter so a fat quarter bundle would not be enough. 

Town Hall in Spooky 'n Sweeter

Whether I want to admit it or not, it is December and the holidays are just around the corner.  I had a lot of fun trying out some Christmas collections with Town Hall.  First up is another Art Gallery Fabrics collection called Cozy & Magical by Maureen Cracknell.  The colors are a little less traditional but you still get that wonderful cozy feeling!  This collection also has less than 20 prints so I also stuck with 10 of my favorites while refreshing Town Hall with this fabric. 

Town Hall in Cozy & Magical

One of my favorite Christmas collections from last year was The Christmas Card by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics.  I love Sweetwater and I love these colors.  I have plenty of this in my stash, but if you don’t, Sweetwater’s current Christmas collection is Red Barn Christmas and the colors, prints, and overall feel of the collection are very similar to The Christmas Card.  They are so similar that I didn’t bother to download the new collection to upload into my EQ8 software since I already had The Christmas Card in there. 

Town Hall in The Christmas Card

Christmas Morning by Lella Boutique is another Moda collection that would make a sophisticated holiday quilt.  The large floral prints would really shine with this pattern! (Although, make sure you read all the way to the end to see why an actual quilt in this fabric would not look quite like the image below does.)

Town Hall in Christmas Morning

Finally, I had to share a mockup in Bonnie and Camille’s latest line, One Fine Day.  I’ve been buying and sewing with B&C fabrics for years but I’m not sure I’ve sewn with it yet in 2021.  I know 2021 has been a strange year, but I think I might need to do something about that!  This is a very recent collection that might not be available quite yet, but I’ve heard rumors that it may be on its way to quilt shops as we speak!  This collection is reminiscent of the wildly popular Scrumptious collection from several years ago.  If you liked that one, you will love One Fine Day!

Town Hall in One Fine Day

A quick note about the last two quilts, just in case anyone notices.  The scale of the fabrics on the Christmas Morning and One Fine Day versions are much larger than they would really be if you used them to make a Town Hall quilt.  For example, the large florals are not really going to be that big in the actual quilt.  I changed the scale of my blocks in Electric Quilt 8 because I was having issues with some of the fabrics in those collections and it just didn’t look very good.  I won’t go into detail here (maybe I’ll do a separate blog post someday about that), but scaling down the blocks to half the size seems to fix the problem.  So EQ8 thinks those quilts are only about 40”x40” instead of 79”x79”. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these refreshed Town Hall quilts!  If there are other fabrics that you would like to see Town Hall refreshed in, let me know in the comments below and I may be able to make it happen in a future Friday Fabric Refresh blog post!

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