Friday, February 4, 2022

Friday Fabric Refresh - Shine On by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics

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Happy Friday!  I recently bought a fat quarter bundle of Shine On by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics.  I was planning to make a sample of a future pattern that I'm working on, but once I had the fabrics in my hands, I changed my mind and am going to make a different future pattern instead.  The fabrics are so pretty that I would love to buy more and make multiple quilts!  I already have too much fabric and not enough time, so I'm trying really hard to resist!  

Luckily, with my Electric Quilt 8 software, I can do the next best thing and "make" as many quilts as I want by creating mockups using Shine On digital fabric swatches!  I refreshed a few of my quilt patterns and I'm sharing them here today.

Town Hall in Shine On by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics

First up is Town Hall, which is my most recent pattern.  This pattern is great for really letting the prints shine (no pun intended!) because the blocks are so big!  There are not a lot of prints in this collection, so if I were to make this, I would buy 10 half yards of my favorite prints instead of the 20 fat quarters listed in the pattern's fabric requirements.  In the mockup above, I used the brown print for the accent.


Next up is Double Take, which is my take on a double irish chain quilt.  The pattern calls for a jelly roll, but since I don't believe that Art Gallery Fabrics has jelly rolls, you could use fat quarters instead.  You should be able to get enough pieces for four blocks from one fat quarter, so you could make this with just 8 fat quarters!

I used one of the cream prints for the accent and mostly stuck with the softer pink, yellow, and blue prints for this refreshed version of Double Take.  I do think that the cream print is lighter in person than it appears in the digital version, so the accent might blend in more than shown here, but if you stick with a bright white for the background, I think it would create a really soft and pretty effect!

Double Take in Shine On by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics


I refreshed a couple more jelly roll quilts that can be made with fat quarters instead.  The first is Window Box.  The pattern does not include fat quarter instructions, but you could get enough strips from 10 fat quarters.  I used one of the blue prints for the cornerstone and one of the cream prints for the background. 

Window Box in Shine On by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics


Log Jam is a jelly roll pattern, but it does include fabric requirements and cutting instructions for fat quarters so it would be super easy to make Log Jam with Shine On!  There are three layout options in the pattern and I refreshed two of them.  

Log Jam in Shine On by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics

Log Jam in Shine On by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics

Stay Square is one of my most popular patterns and I can see why because it is a great pattern for showing off your favorite fabrics!  Stay Square is a layer cake pattern and you can buy precut 10" squares for Art Gallery collections.  

However, the pattern also includes fat quarter instructions and I would probably stick with fat quarters for this one.  There are several low volume prints in the collection and you would probably not be able to avoid them all if using a layer cake.  Fabrics that contrast with the background work best in this pattern.  I created this refreshed version of Stay Square using 12 prints as if I were using fat quarters.  I used a really dark gray as the accent.

Stay Square in Shine On by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics

Shining Stars is a fat quarter quilt that needs only 11 fat quarters, which is a great option when you want to use a fabric collection that does not have a lot of different prints in it.  I used the medium blue print for the background and a cream print for the accent.

Shining Stars in Shine On by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics


Tumble is another fun fat quarter quilt that is easier than it looks and it only needs 12 fat quarters!  I used black for the accent.  I had tried the dark brown print as the accent, but there was not enough contrast.

Tumble in Shine On by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics


Finally, I decided to try out some fabric combos for a refreshed Easy Argyle quilt.  I settled on the medium blue with the darker blue floral for the main prints, a floral cream print for the larger diamonds, and the more plain cream print for the smaller diamonds.  It feels very sophisticated!

Easy Argyle in Shine On by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics


That's all for today!  I hope you enjoyed these refreshed quilts in Shine On.  I certainly enjoyed creating them!  If there are other patterns of mine that you would like to see refreshed in this collection, let me know in the comments below and I may be able to include them in a future edition of Friday Fabric Refresh!


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  1. It's a pretty collection and it was fun to see all the variations.

  2. I love your quilt!! It was the main reason I bought the magazine this time!! Thank you for showing so many different color ways. That is going to help me a lot. Hugs,