Friday, November 4, 2022

Friday Fabric Refresh - Slow Stroll by Fancy That Design House for Moda Fabrics

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Hello!  Can you believe it's November already?!  Fall is in full swing, although I wouldn't necessarily know it living in the south!  A blog reader recently commented with a request to see some patterns refreshed in Slow Stroll, the newest collection from Fancy That Design House for Moda Fabrics.  These fabrics have a definite fall feel to them so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to showcase this collection.  Let's jump right in!

The first refreshed quilt shown above is Ophelia, my newest pattern.  This pattern is jelly-roll friendly or you can choose 12 of your favorite fat quarters.  I started out with just a basic white solid background.  However, I decided to try a beige fabric from the Slow Stroll collection that has a multi-color small print on it and I really liked that!  It gives the quilt even more of a traditional cozy fall feel!

Window Box is another jelly roll pattern that looks great in Slow Stroll.  I again made two versions; one with a white background and one with another of the beige prints that reads as a solid.  

Just a note: My links in this post are to Fat Quarter Shop but I do see that both the background print I used in Window Box and the one I used above in Ophelia seem to be sold out there.  The SKUs are 45546-31 (Ophelia) and 45546-11 (Window Box) if you want to look for them elsewhere.

I must have been on a jelly roll kick because the next quilt that I refreshed in Slow Stroll was Double Take, my take on a double Irish Chain quilt.  The fun part about this pattern is deciding on what fabric to use as the accent.  I tried out a couple of the gold prints and a blue print.  For the open areas between the chains, I used the same print as I used for the background in the Window Box quilt above 

This next quilt is usually a charm pack quilt, but in this case it is another jelly roll quilt!  The Garden Charm quilt pattern includes bonus instructions for how to make a modified version of the quilt that uses a jelly roll in place of the accent and uses an accent in place of the charm squares.  Hopefully that wasn't too confusing!  If you check out the original pattern in my shop, I think it will make sense.

I tried out a few different background fabric and accent options.  I thought the blue background and beige accent looked the best.

Another quilt pattern that I refreshed in Slow Stroll was Evening Glow.  This is pattern can be made with either fat quarters or a layer cake plus two charm packs.  For this mockup, I assumed I was using fat quarters and chose 16 prints from the collection.  For the accent, I used the dark purple small scale print.


Stay Square is the next pattern that I refreshed in Slow Stroll.  This is one of my most popular patterns and I can understand why.  It's easy and it is a great pattern for showing off the prints in a collection.  Just one layer cake is needed for the blocks and I used that dark purple print again for the accent.

One last precut-friendly pattern that I chose was Hidden Spools.  This pattern also uses a layer cake.  I stuck with the white background for this one.  The pattern uses 41 layer cake squares so you'll need to use those beige prints for the blocks.  The white background will give you a bit of contrast for those fabrics.

Finally, I decided to try out a few options for making an Easy Argyle quilt.  This quilt uses yardage and is a lot easier to make than it may look!  I tried out a few options and I think these three are my favorite. 

That's all for today!  I hope you've enjoyed and gotten some inspiration from these quilts refreshed in Slow Stroll by Fancy That Design House.  Are there other patterns of mine that you would like to see in Slow Stroll?  Let me know in the comments below and I may be able to include them in a future edition of Friday Fabric Refresh.


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