Friday, June 10, 2022

Friday Fabric Refresh - Camellia by Melody Miller for Ruby Star Society

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Happy Friday!  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the post that I made a week ago where I gave you an early sneak peek at one of this week’s Friday Fabric Refresh quilts.  If you saw it, you know that this week is all about Camellia by Melody Miller for Ruby Star Society.  

If you missed it, you can see that quilt below.  It is my Evening Glow pattern and I am obsessed with that dark green print from the collection as the background.  Like I said on IG, I am so, so tempted to buy myself a fat quarter bundle of Camellia and the yardage to make this.  I love it so much!  I really, really, don’t need more fabric though so I am trying to resist. 

This version of Evening Glow uses a white accent to contrast with the dark background.  In this mockup, I used the white tone-on-tone print from the Camellia line, although you might not be able to tell.  A solid white would work just as well.

If the dark background isn’t your thing, it also looks great with a white background and a dark accent.  Here I just swapped the two prints so I have the dark green as the accent and the white tone-on-tone as the background.  If you already have some solids on hand for the yardage, I think a black or dark gray or even navy blue accent would also look great!

I continued using the dark green print from the collection as the accent for some other refreshed quilts since it contrasts well with everything else in Camellia (there is another dark green print, but you could always leave that one out if not enough contrast).

Besotted and Stay Square are both really fun and fast layer cake quilts.  If you happen to have fat quarters instead of layer cakes, Stay Square includes fat quarter instructions.  Besotted does not, but you could make this with 12 fat quarters (one of these days, I plan to update all my older patterns to include fat quarter instructions!)

Have a few Camellia charm packs and not sure what to do with them?  How about a Metro quilt?  Metro is touted as honey bun friendly but the pattern includes instructions for using three charm packs instead.  I know honey buns are a less common precut (I actually don’t think any Ruby Star Society lines have honey buns) so my honey bun patterns always include alternatives.  For this Metro version, I used a light blue print from the collection as the accent in the center of the blocks.

Love jelly rolls?  I have you covered!  When I created the refreshed mockups in Camellia, I wasn’t intentionally trying to refresh a lot of jelly roll patterns, but it seems to have worked out that way.  I have five jelly roll patterns to share today!

The first is Friendship.  This pattern is super easy with strip-piecing.  There is only one block, but the arrangement creates this cool chain link effect.  If you follow the pressing instructions very carefully, every seam in this quilt will nest!

Another jelly roll pattern that creates a chain look is Wanderlust.  This quilt uses big blocks so it goes together quickly!

Jelly Patch is another fun jelly roll pattern and the really fun part is that you can use two solid jelly rolls for the background and skip the yardage all together!  This is another great pattern if you like strip-piecing.  

Log Jam is another jelly roll quilt and is a great choice if you like log cabins or if you just like options!  This pattern includes three layout options and of course I refreshed all three of them in Camellia.


The last jelly roll quilt for today is Window Box.  I seem to refresh this one almost every time I do one of these blog posts.  It continues to be one of my most popular patterns and it looks great in everything, so why not!  This pattern also makes a slightly smaller quilt than most of my other patterns, so it is also a great option for someone who doesn’t want or need a big quilt.  Eventually I plan to redo all of my patterns with multiple sizes, but that’s going to take some time!

That’s all for the jelly roll quilts, but I didn’t stop there.  I also refreshed a couple of my favorite fat quarter patterns. 

The first is Spun Sugar, which was also my first pattern that I offered for sale almost five years ago.  This one creates a cool secondary design with a pinwheel when the blocks are sewn together.  I used that same dark green print from the collection for that pinwheel accent.  

This quilt does have a lot of pieces and does require some accuracy with your seam allowances, so probably not a beginner quilt.  But if you’re up for a bit of a challenge, you might enjoy this one!  As you can see, I couldn’t quite decide on a print or color for the side setting triangles, so here are a few other options.  All are from Camellia.

Last, but certainly not least, Shining Stars is a fat quarter pattern that is kind of the opposite of Spun Sugar.  If you think you can handle an on-point quilt (it’s not as scary as it sounds!) this would be great for a newer quilter.  The blocks are fairly basic and are more simple than it might appear.  I used that dark green background again because I just can’t get enough of it!

That’s all for today!  Are there other patterns of mine that you want to see refreshed in Camellia?  If so, drop a comment below and I might be able to feature it in a future Friday Fabric Refresh blog post! 

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