Friday, June 24, 2022

Friday Fabric Refresh - Stitched by Fig Tree

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Happy Friday!  I’m back today with another edition of Friday Fabric Refresh, where I refresh some of my quilt patterns in new, fresh fabric!  Lately, I’ve been featuring a lot of what I think would be considered more “modern” fabric collections from Ruby Star Society and Art Gallery Fabrics.  While I definitely feel like my fabric style has evolved a little over the last few years, I still really love the more traditional styles like Fig Tree from Moda Fabrics.  Joanna of Fig Tree has captured that classic Fig Tree feel with her latest collection, Stitched.

This collection is so pretty and is perfect is you’re looking to make a cheery quilt.  The first quilt that I have refreshed is Stay Square.  This is a fast and fun layer cake quilt that really lets the fabric shine!  For the accent, I used one of the Bella Solids that coordinates with Stitched called Latte (Bella 9900-245).

I also refreshed a couple fat quarter patterns that also let the print fabrics dominate.  In other words, there is minimal background.  The background is almost more of an accent rather than an actual background.  The first is Treasure Hunt (for “x” marks the spot!) and these blocks are big and go together quickly!  My first Treasure Hunt quilt was made with Fig Tree fabrics and it looks just as good in Stitched.

The other fat quarter pattern that I refreshed is Stargazing.  These blocks are a little more intricate than Treasure Hunt.  I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re hard, but they are more time-consuming.  The end result is worth it though!

A third fat quarter quilt is Evening Glow.  This one does have more a traditional background to it but there is still plenty of opportunity to showcase your favorite prints from the collection.  This one can also be made with a layer cake and two matching charm packs if you prefer.  I used black crossweave as the accent fabric in this mockup.

Fig Tree is one of the Moda designers whose collections often have honey buns available.  I decided to take advantage of that and refresh a few of my honey bun patterns in Stitched.  But don’t worry if you don’t have or don’t like honey buns!  All of my honey bun patterns include alternate fabric requirements and instructions.

The first honey bun pattern is Metro.  I used one of the small scale aqua prints for the accent.  This quilt can also be made with three charm packs.

The next honey bun pattern is Park Place.  You’ll also need a charm pack to go with your honey bun.  This quilt might look like a lot of work but strip piecing definitely makes it easier!

The final honey bun quilt that I’ve refreshed today is Honey Squares.  You’ll need two honey buns for this one.  I tried out several of the coordinating solids for the accent.  I finally settled on the lighter of the two browns, Bella solid in Tan (9900-13).  Most of the other colors made the quilt a lot brighter, but I was really feeling the softer, more down to earth look that the tan provided.  (If you’re wondering where I’m finding the coordinating solids, check out the Moda swatch page here.  The solids are on the edges of the third and fourth pages).

Last but not least, I refreshed Jelly Patch with Stitched.  As the name suggests, this is a jelly roll pattern.  Moda’s annual National Sew a Jelly Roll Day is every September and since I have a few fun things that I’m working on for that day, I’ve had jelly rolls on the brain lately.  Jelly Patch is super cute and super fun to make.  You can even use solid jelly rolls for the background!

That’s all for today!  Are there other patterns of mine that you want to see refreshed in Stitched?  If so, drop a comment below and I might be able to feature it in a future Friday Fabric Refresh blog post! 


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