Friday, June 17, 2022

Friday Fabric Refresh - Daybreak by Fran Gulick for Riley Blake Designs

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Happy Friday!  Are you ready for another edition of Friday Fabric Refresh?  If you’re new around here, FFR is where I refresh some of my patterns in new fabric so you can see what they would look like.  Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what a quilt will look like in fabric that is different than the pattern cover.  Since a lot of fabric becomes hard to find after a little while and designers can’t constantly update our pattern covers, my hope is that seeing some of my quilts in new fabric will help you envision your project and feel more confident about your fabric choices.

Sometimes I feature a specific quilt pattern but more often I feature a recent fabric collection that I love!  Today that collection is Daybreak from RileyBlake Designs.  This is the debut collection by Fran Gulick of Cotton & Joy and she has knocked it out of the park!  I love the colors, I love the prints.  I’m currently working on a quilt using Daybreak but I probably won’t be able to share that for a while.  In the meantime, I’m sharing a few of my current patterns that I’ve refreshed in Daybreak.  Let’s get started!

This first quilt above is Good Fortunes.  I love this quilt and I really need to make another one at some point!  My original Good Fortunes quilt, which you can see here, had blue sashing.  I’ve noticed that I tend to stick with blue a lot when I’m trying out different fabrics for this particular pattern. 

So I had to try it with pink too, just to mix things up a bit!

The pink and blue are going head to head with this next quilt too, which is Shining Stars.  I can’t decide which background I like better.

Actually, if I’m really being honest, it’s the navy background that I like the best.  I used navy in the original pattern sample too and I try to make these refreshed versions different, but sometimes I just have to admit to myself that there is a reason I used a dark background in the original.  It’s always my favorite!

Next up is Tumble.  I used a small scale navy print for the accent and stuck to the light blue, yellow, and pinks for the blocks.  There are a lot more light blue prints in this collection than there are yellow and pink so you might notice that I alternated between blue and yellow/pink.  If you want to do this, make sure you choose 6 light blue prints and then a total of 6 yellow and pink prints.  

Up next is Americana.  Sometimes I regret calling this quilt Americana.  The original quilt used red and blue fabrics and along with the stars, it seemed to fit, but this quilt certainly doesn’t have to be patriotic.  It looks great in lots of fabrics and colors, as you can see!

So far, all of these quilts have been fat quarter quilts.  This next quilt, Honey Squares is technically a honey bun quilt, but since Riley Blake does not have honey buns, you would need to use fat quarters of Daybreak (the pattern has instructions for both).  When refreshing this quilt in EQ8, I couldn’t decide on an accent.  I tend to gravitate towards a dark accent like the navy in the first version below.  But I also like the softer look of the striped accent in the second mockup.  If you decide to make a striped version, just be aware that the stripes in Daybreak are bias stripes (at a 45 degree angle).  They look horizontal here because the blocks are on point and Electric Quilt 8 doesn’t account for that when “coloring” quilt blocks.  I could have rotated the fabric, but I would have had to do it block by block and I figured you get the idea!


And last, but certainly not least, I had to make a WindowBox mockup.  As long as Window Box continues to be my most popular pattern, I will continue to refresh it every chance I get!  This is a jelly roll quilt and while "jelly roll" is the Band-Aid or Kleenex of the precut fabric world (only Moda officially has jelly rolls), Riley Blake does have their own version of jelly rolls that they call Rolie Polies.  

That’s all for today!  Are there other patterns of mine that you want to see refreshed in Daybreak?  If so, drop a comment below and I might be able to feature it in a future Friday Fabric Refresh blog post! 


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