Friday, July 15, 2022

Friday Fabric Refresh - Ghost Town by Dana Willard for Figo Fabrics

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Happy Friday!  There are only 107 days until Halloween so it's time to start working on those spooky projects!  Luckily, the Halloween fabric collections are showing up in quilt shops.  One of my favorite new collections is Ghost Town by Dana Willard for Figo Fabrics.  Adorable cats, cute ghosts, colorful bats, and some great blenders make up this collection.  

If you have been to my blog before, you probably know how this works.  I used my Electric Quilt 8 software to refresh some of my patterns with Ghost Town fabric.  I could never make all of the quilts that I want to make, so sometimes I have to settle for making digital quilts!  I'm sharing them here in case you do have time and want to make one of my patterns in Ghost Town while seeing how it will look before you start.

The first refreshed pattern shown above is Double Take.  This is normally a jelly roll pattern, but I don't think that Figo Fabrics has precuts.  If you use 11 fat quarters and cut enough strips for three blocks from each, you will have plenty of fabric to make this quilt.  I used two of the blender prints from the Ghost Town collection for the accent and background.

Next up is Window Box.  This is also a jelly roll pattern but 10 fat quarters will be enough to make this, plus maybe an extra for the cornerstones. 


The next pattern that I refreshed is Friendship, which is also a jelly roll pattern (I guess was on a jelly pun intended!)  You could make this pattern with 11 fat quarters.  I used the white blender from the Ghost Town collection for the background to give it a little more interest than just a solid white.


Spellbound normally can be made with 25 fat eighths but since there are only 14 prints in the Ghost Town collection, I would choose 13 and cut double the pieces from each (you'll only need half of one of the fat quarters).  

I'm not sure if I like the print with the white background that I used in the center block.  Assuming you want to leave out the print in the Ghost Town collection that is almost all white, you will not have enough prints to also leave that white cat print out.  If you don't want to use that cat print because of the white background, get a yard of whatever you plan to use for binding and you can cut a block from that instead.


Next is Stay Square which is a layer cake pattern.  That pattern also includes instructions for fat quarters and just 12 will do the trick!  The only downside is that when using fat quarters, you can't keep directional fabrics all facing the same way.  There are several directional prints in this collection so if that will bother you, you may want to skip this pattern.  If that doesn't bother you, this is a great pattern for letting those prints shine!

Shining Stars is a fat quarter pattern and would make a great Halloween quilt with the black background!  I used the black blender print from the collection and a solid white for the accent so that it would still have a little bit of contrast with the white prints in Ghost Town.  I don't know if I completely love how some of the darker prints blend into the background, but there are not enough prints in the collection to leave all of the dark prints out.  If it would really bother you, you could always use half yards and cut double the number of blocks from each so that you don't have to use as many fat quarters.  You could use as few as six half yards to make this.  Just keep in mind that it will look less scrappy.


Finally, I refreshed my Easy Argyle quilt using a couple of prints that I thought worked well together with this pattern.  I generally think that smaller scale prints or prints that read as solids work best for this pattern.  I went with the purple ghosts, the black blender and the white blender prints.


That's all for today!  Will you be sewing with Ghost Town?  If you need this fabric, but weren't sure what to make, I hope this post has given you some inspiration!  If there are other patterns of mine that you would like to see refreshed in Ghost Town, leave a comment below and I may be able to make it happen in a future blog post!

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