Friday, July 29, 2022

Friday Fabric Refresh - Christmas in July from Modern to Traditional

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Happy Friday!  I'm cutting it close but I'm squeezing in a Christmas in July version of Friday Fabric Refresh on the last Friday of the month.  There are always lots of new Christmas fabrics arriving in quilt shops this time of year.  I decided to choose three collections in three different styles and share some refreshed quilts in each.  

Christmas in the City is a modern line from Art Gallery Fabrics that is currently shipping to shops.  Christmas Stitched is a traditional collection from Fig Tree for Moda Fabrics should also be arriving soon.  And finally, Pixie Noel 2 by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake Designs, which is available now, sort of falls in between modern and traditional.  There might be a name for that particular style, but I'm not sure what it is.  If you know, please let me know in the comments!

First up is my Town Hall pattern and the Pixie Noel version is shown above.  What I love most about this pattern is that the big blocks really let the fabrics be the stars of the show.  If you have large scale prints that you want to keep intact, this pattern is a good option.  This pattern can be made with 20 fat quarters and if you leave out the stripes and the low volume prints, you will have exactly 20 fat quarters of Pixie Noel left, so it's kind of perfect!

If you want to use Christmas in the City, as shown below, you can use either a bundle of precut 10" squares or yardage.  The pattern calls for 20 fat quarters, but since this fabric collection has less than 20 prints in it, you can pick 10 of your favorite prints and buy half yards.

The final Town Hall version is Christmas Stitched by Fig Tree.  You could use a layer cake, but if you don't want the low volume prints that might blend in to the background, a fat quarter bundle might be a better option.

Stay Square is another great pattern for showing off the fabrics.  This is also a layer cake pattern that includes instructions for fat quarters.  If you prefer to make a quilt that is a little faster and easier to make than Town Hall, Stay Square is a great option!  Even though you only need 12 fat quarters, feel free to use more for more variety.  I used more than 12 prints in both the Pixie Noel and the Christmas in the City versions below.  I created the Christmas Stitched version as if I was using a layer cake.

Enjoy jelly roll patterns?  One of my most popular patterns is Window Box.  While this older pattern does not have instructions for alternatives to jelly rolls, you can substitute either 10 fat quarters or 10 quarter yards for the jelly roll strips and you will be able to cut enough pieces for three blocks from each.

Another fun jelly roll pattern that is quick and easy is Log Jam.  I only refreshed one of the layout options here but there are two additional options in the pattern.  This is a newer pattern and was released after I started including fat quarter requirements with all of my patterns, even if they were written for a specific precut.  So you will have all the information you need if you use fat quarters instead of a jelly roll.


Shining Stars is the final quilt that I refreshed for this week.  This is a fat quarter pattern and you only need 11 fat quarters so it is great for making a quilt that is a bit more intentional with the fabric choices. 
What do I mean by that?  For the first refreshed quilt in Pixie Noel, I used the aqua print with the tiny white spots as the background.  That meant that I wanted to leave out the other aqua prints so that they didn't disappear into the background.  Since I only need 11 fat quarters, that leaves plenty of red, green, and pink prints to make the stars.

For the Christmas in the City version, I used a light blue solid for the background (it was a solid color that is part of the Electric Quilt 8 software that I used to make these mockups, so it's not tied to a particular fabric color or brand of solid fabric).  Because of that background choice, I left out the light blue print from the collection.

I used the light brown small-scale print from Christmas Stitched as the background of this traditional version.  I used only green and red prints for the stars and alternated between the two colors.  When alternating two colors in an on-point quilt, you need more of one color than the other.  If you want to make this version, you will need seven red fat quarters and four green fat quarters.

That's all for today!  Do you have a favorite Christmas collection coming out this year?  Are there other patterns of mine that you want to see in one of these collections?  Let me know in the comments below and I might be able include a refreshed quilt in a future Friday Fabric Refresh post.
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