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Fabric Refresh - Sunwashed by Corey Yoder for Moda Fabrics

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Hello! I'm back with my first quilt mockup post in months and I'm changing things up a bit! You may have noticed that the title of this post is missing the "Friday" at the beginning of it. And that I'm not posting this on a Friday. There have been several times over the past three years of doing my Friday Fabric Refresh posts that it would have been more convenient to post on a day other than Friday.  So I decided to drop the Friday and just call these posts Fabric Refresh. Because any day of the week is a good day to share quilt mockups!

If you're new around here, my Fabric Refresh posts are where I refresh some of my quilt patterns by mocking them up in new fabrics and share them with you! I've been quilting a long time and I lost track a long time ago of how many times I saw a pattern and was not interested until I saw it in different fabrics. Suddenly, I couldn't wait to make it! I also like to see what a quilt will look like before I make it because sometimes what I picture in my head does not match reality!

If either of the above sound like you too, hopefully these posts will give you some ideas of how you might want to use a fabric collection that you've fallen in love with. Or maybe you've found a pattern of mine that you like, but want to make it in different fabrics and aren't quite sure what it will look like. Or maybe you just like looking at pretty quilts! I know I do!

Okay, let's jump right in! Today I'm featuring Sunwashed by Corey Yoder for Moda Fabrics. This collection is bright, cheery, full of pretty florals, and perfect for spring! 

The first refreshed quilt that I'm sharing today is Scrappy Herringbone which is a layer cake pattern. This is a great pattern if you want to avoid background fabric. It's also great if you have a fabric collection that has a lot of prints that match what you would use as a background fabric and you don't want to leave them out of your quilt. With this pattern, pretty much anything goes and you can use all the fabrics! Depending on which size quilt you choose from the pattern, you'll be using all or almost all of your layer cake squares so there is very little waste!


Another layer cake quilt that I've refreshed in Sunwashed is Flutter. The blocks in this quilt are super simple and easy. If you feel confident tackling a quilt set on point, you can definitely make this quilt! Springy fabric and a butterfly quilt seem like the perfect combo!

If you'd rather not deal with an on-point quilt but want an easy layer cake quilt that doesn't involve a lot of cutting, Stay Square is a good option. Stay Square continues to be my best selling pattern and I think the easy cutting and sewing, and the opportunity to really let the fabrics shine is a big part of why. This version of Stay Square uses a navy solid as the accent.

I personally always seem to prefer to use a dark fabric for the accent. Not just in this quilt, but all quilts in general. l try to get out of my comfort zone sometimes when doing these mockups because I know not everyone is going to have the same tastes and preferences as me. So I also made a Stay Square quilt with a yellow accent. It's cute! Although I'd probably not be able to stop myself from using the navy if I actually made this; I can't help it!

Since I seem to be on a layer cake kick today, I decided to mockup my Spice Cake quilt. I don't share this one a whole lot because it's not a stand-alone pattern that you can get in my shop. This pattern was part of a Moda Bake Shop collaborative book called Did Someone Say Cake? As you might have guessed from the title, the book is full of layer cake patterns. 

Spice Cake is a great quilt if you like half square triangles. I also love the secondary design that happens when some of the blocks are rotated and you add some strategically placed cornerstones in the sashing. 

Unfortunately, the book's publisher Martingale recently went out of business so I don't know how much longer this book is going to be available. If you want to grab a copy, don't wait and risk missing out! It's currently still available at Amazon and on Etsy but I don't know how long they'll last. I do have the copyright back for this quilt so I can release it as it's own pattern someday, but I have so many other patterns in my queue that I have no idea when that might be.

Tired of layer cake quilts yet? I hope not because I have one more for you before moving on to some jelly roll quilts! Blooming Kisses is an older pattern that I don't share very often. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I tend to stick to the faster, easier patterns when I put these mockups together. I wouldn't say that Blooming Kisses is hard necessarily, but it does involve more pieces and definitely takes longer to make than the other patterns I've shared so far. Of course, sometimes a pattern is worth the extra time to get the end result!

There are actually two versions in the Blooming Kisses pattern. The version shown below is the Kisses version (because X means kisses, right? I always thought it made more sense for the O to mean kisses and the X to mean hugs, but no one asked me, ha!) This version uses one layer cake.

And now the other version, the Blooming version is the perfect segue into some jelly roll quilts. This version resembles flowers to me and uses both a layer cake and a jelly roll.

Next up is what might be my favorite jelly roll pattern that I've designed, my Ophelia pattern. The block itself is pretty simple, but boy does the layout turn it into something that looks amazing, if I do say so myself! Every fabric I have tried with this pattern has looked great and Sunwashed is no exception. You can make this with one jelly roll or you can pick 12 of your favorite prints from a fat quarter bundle. Don't forget to choose an accent color for the cornerstones. I used pink for this mockup (I guess I lied earlier; I don't always use a dark accent!)


Next up is Log Jam, another fun jelly roll pattern. I've made this quilt four times so far, am currently working on a fifth, and have a sixth planned. It never fails to pleasantly surprise me how quickly the blocks go together! Gets me every time! The mockup below is one of the layout options in the pattern. If you don't like that one, there are two others to choose from!

Now for one last jelly roll pattern that also uses a honey bun (but doesn't have to!) Spellbound is a really fun quilt that looks more complicated than it is. The pattern was written to combine a jelly roll and honey bun but the pattern has details on how to substitute a layer cake or a jelly roll for the honey bun since honey buns can be hard to find. You can also ditch the the jelly roll and the honey bun and just use fat eighths instead. 

This pattern does have a LOT of pieces in it, but it also uses a LOT of strip piecing so you won't actually be cutting a bunch of little pieces. The best part may be that every single seam in this quilt nests! I love when I can make that happen! I actually do manage that in most of my patterns, but the more seams you're dealing with, the harder that can be to accomplish, so I was very excited that I was able to do that with Spellbound. And of course, the pattern tells you exactly how to make sure your seams all nest when you make this!

Last but certainly not least, I'm sharing a fat quarter quilt, Starry Skies. I love chain quilts and I love star quilts. I loved combining the two into one pattern and I love that the blocks are big and the fabrics still get a chance to shine! In this mockup, I returned to my dark accent safe-zone and went with navy for the chains. I avoided using any navy prints from the Sunwashed collection for the stars to that the chains really popped!

That's all for today! I hope you enjoyed these quilts refreshed in Corey Yoder's Sunwashed collection as much as I enjoyed making them! Are there other patterns of mine that you would like to see refreshed in this fabric? Let me know in the comments and I may be able to include it in a future Fabric Refresh blog post!

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  1. I love all your mock ups... I will be sharing these ideas today with my group of quilty ladies... we are always looking for new patterns for our ever growing stash of precuts... thanks for sharing!!