Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday Fabric Refresh - Jelly Roll Quilts

Hello, and happy Friday!  We are just 8 days away from the annual National Sew a Jelly Roll Day!  This year's celebration is happening Saturday, September 19, 2020.  If you're planning on sewing a jelly roll project that day, but don't know what you want to make, this week's Friday Fabric Refresh might be able to help! 

I picked a couple of my current favorite fabric lines and refreshed my jelly roll patterns with them.  Lori Holt's Prim collection is available now.  Sherri and Chelsi's Balboa should be arriving in shops this month but you might be able to find some early release jelly rolls online.  Both fabric collections are bright and cheery and I love how these patterns look in both!

First up is Window Box, which was my very first jelly roll pattern and is one of my bestsellers!  The Prim version is shown above.  Below is Window Box in Balboa.

For each remaining pattern, I'll be showing Prim first, followed by Balboa.

My next jelly roll pattern was Wanderlust.  This pattern uses big blocks and strip piecing so while this quilt is big (80"x80") it goes together really fast!

Friendship brings back memories of making friendship bracelets and also uses strip piecing to help it go together quickly!

Double Take is a fun take on a double Irish chain quilt.  For the first quilt in Prim, I used a plaid print from the collection for the accent.  The Balboa version uses a solid gray accent.


Spellbound uses a jelly roll plus either a honey bun or a layer cake.  There are a lot of pieces in this quilt, but strip piecing helps to save time!

Those are all the jelly roll patterns that are currently available in my shop.  If you want to see any of these quilts in other fabrics, let me know in the comments below and I'll try to make it happen!

I have a new jelly roll pattern coming very soon, and I have something fun planned so be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram page so you don't miss it!  Hint: you'll want to be signed up for my newsletter!  If you need to sign up, either click the link at the top of my blog, or click here.


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