Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Best of Moda Bake Shop Pillow Parade

Hello!  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I have a quilt in the Best of Moda Bake Shop book that is available now!  Each designer in the book is sharing a pillow made with the block from her quilt in the book and today is my turn!  

I had big plans for this pillow originally.  It didn't work out as I envisioned, so I had to change direction at the last minute.  I already had a pillow form that fit a 12-inch block, so I kept things simple with a small pillow made with one block.  

To make this pillow, make one block using the directions in the book.  I used some scraps of Canning Day by Corey Yoder.

Once the block is made, layer the block with batting and additional fabric that are both larger than the block (you won't see the fabric on the bottom, so it doesn't have to match).  

Quilt your pillow as desired.  I used some basic cross-hatching.  Trim the excess batting and fabric.

For the back of the pillow, I used an envelope back.  I wanted a wider finished edge and an overlap of about 4". 

I cut two pieces 12.5" square.  On each piece, fold one edge over 2" and press.  Then fold over 2" again and press.  This will enclose the raw edges of the envelope edges.  I stitched a double line of stitching along both long sides of each folded area to secure it.  

Now place your pillow right side up on your work space.  Place the two backing pieces on top of the pillow, right sides down, so that the two pieces are overlapping.  

If your pieces seem to be too big, you may need to trim them down slightly.  My quilted pillow top was quite a bit smaller than 12.5" but I'm not sure if the quilting made it shrink that much or if the block was too small to begin with.  I made this pillow on my spare sewing machine while my main machine is being repaired and my accuracy is leaving a lot to be desired!

Once you have the two sides of the pillow right sides together, pin or clip (I used my wonder clips) all the way around to keep the pieces from shifting.  

Stitch all the way around 1/4" inch from the edge.  I cut the tips of the corners off to help reduce bulk.

Turn your pillow cover right side out through the envelope opening and push the corners out.  

Insert your pillow form and you're done!

If you still need a copy of the Best of Moda Back Shop book, you can find it at Martingale, Amazon, or ask your favorite local quilt shop.   

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