Friday, February 5, 2021

Friday Fabric Refresh - Cider

Hello and happy Friday! This week felt like it flew by but I am also really looking forward to the weekend!  I don't have any errands to run so I should get lots of sewing time!  I'm currently sewing up a sample for a new pattern that will be released later this year.  I'm using Cider by Basic Grey for Moda Fabrics.  This collection has been long-awaited and it is finally in quilt shops!  I think it's going to be very popular so don't wait if you want to get your hands on some!

I decided to refresh some of my patterns in Cider for this week's Friday Fabric Refresh.  I might have gone a little overboard and I have lots of refreshed quilt patterns to show you today!  Let's jump right in!

First up is Window Box, which is a jelly roll pattern.  This pattern continues to be one of my bestsellers and I'm glad you all like it so much!

Next up is Wanderlust, which is another fast and easy jelly roll quilt.  I couldn't decide if I preferred a white or navy background, so I tried both!  Which do you like best?

Double Take also uses a jelly roll.  I used one of the blue grunge fabrics as the accent.  I tried using a lighter fabric but the other prints seemed to blend in too much.

My Garden Charm pattern is typically a charm pack or fat quarter pattern, but the pattern does include bonus directions for a jelly roll version.  If you have the pattern already, you've seen this mockup in Cider on the back cover.

If layer cakes are your favorite precut, you might like my Besotted pattern.  It's a fun beginner-friendly quilt!

Garden Path also uses a layer cake.  This would be a great pattern if you want to practice your skills with on-point quilts.  This is another quilt where I couldn't decide between a white or dark background.  I like them both!

If you haven't noticed yet, I really like using the blue grunge fabrics as backgrounds!  So of course I had to see what my Midnight Clear layer cake pattern looked like in Cider!  This quilt doesn't have to have a dark background though so I also made a lighter version with a white background.  Both would be lovely!

If you want to skip a background fabric all together, my Scrappy Herringbone pattern would be a great choice!  It uses layer cakes and is really fast and fun!

Have a honey bun or two?  Budding Blooms uses one honey bun and an accent print.  I used the light blue small floral as the accent in this mockup.

You can use two honey buns to make Honey Squares.  I used the navy grunge as the accent.

You could also pair a honey bun with a jelly roll and make a Spellbound quilt.  If you don't have those precuts, you could also use a fat eighth bundle!

If fat quarters are your favorite, I've got you covered!  Shining Stars can be made with as few as 11 fat quarters, but feel free to add more for more variety.

 Tumbler is another fat quarter pattern that I think has a bit of a modern look to it.

My Americana pattern doesn't have to be red, white, and blue.  It looks just as gorgeous in the rustic colors of Cider!

Evening Glow can be made with either fat quarters or a layer cake and two charm packs.  It's also versatile with either a white background and navy accent or a navy background and a light accent.  Take your pick!


Another fat quarter pattern is Starry Skies.  This one is becoming more popular lately!  This could be the perfect time to make one!

If you want to skip the precuts all together, give my Easy Argyle pattern a try!  There are so many color combinations that could work here and this is just one!

That's all for today!  However, I'm going to end things with a little bonus this time!  I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I'm currently sewing up a quilt in Cider that will become a new pattern.  If you've made it this far, you get to be one of the first to see this future pattern!  It doesn't have a name yet, but it will be a fun log cabin quilt!

I hope you enjoyed these refreshed quilts!  If there are other patterns of mine that you want to see in Cider, let me know in the comments below!  I might be able to make it happen in a future Friday Fabric Refresh post!


Until next time!






  1. Beautiful patterns. I find quilting a peaceful activity to do.

  2. Love the quilts you made using cider fabric. What Blue grunge fabric did you use for the background in the Dark quilts.

    1. Thanks! Most of the dark quilts shown use the lighter of the two blue grunges from the Cider collection. I think it's called Blueberry Buckle.

  3. What would your recommend for a coordinating fabric for quilt backing? I am working on a Cali-king quilt out of the cider, and I’m hoping to find something in a one panel backing, but haven’t found something yet.

    1. Hmmm, that's a good question. I usually use regular yardage for my backings so I'm not real familiar with the wideback fabrics. You might want to look for Moda grunge widebacks. I know they have grunge widebacks but I'm not sure what colors they have available. You might find something that coordinates with Cider. Good luck!

  4. I've found this post 3 years after it was published and I just wanted to say that I love all of your patterns! Especially Window Box, Garden Path, Midnight Clear, and Scrappy Herringbone. I like collecting patterns, looking for a fabric line to make them with, and sometimes actually making them. I have way more patterns and planned projects than I will ever be able to make, but I just enjoy looking through them from time to time.