Friday, November 12, 2021

Friday Fabric Refresh - Tarrytown by Ruby Star Society

Happy Friday! I'm sure you've heard the saying that good things come to those who wait.  Well, that's certainly true this week!  Ruby Star Society's Tarrytown collection by Kimberly Kight is finally showing up in shops.  This collection was originally scheduled to arrive in May so it has been a long six month wait that is finally over!

I'm not usually a big purple and pink person, but something about this fabric collection has really appealed to me since I first saw it.  The purples and pinks, plus the navy blues are so pretty!  I've been having fun this week refreshing some of my quilt patterns with Tarrytown and I'm sharing them with you today! 


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Shining Stars

First up is Shining Stars, shown above, which is a fun fat quarter quilt that needs only 11 fat quarters!  I used the navy hole punch print for the background.  It really lets the other fabrics pop!  I used the pink hole punch print on a white background for the accent. (You might hear me mention hole punch prints a lot in this post.  It's similar to a dot print, but the dots are shaped like the little bits of paper left behind by a hole-punch that may or may not be a perfect circle.)

Another thing that has surprised me about this fabric collection is how much I like the gold hole punch print.  I used to not care for that color, whether you call it gold, honey, mustard yellow, etc.  I think it's been growing on me the past year or so and I actually wish there were more than just the one print in that color in this collection!

In fact, I've been loving that gold color so much that I've even been branching out from my usual background colors of white, black, gray, and navy blue and using this gold print in several of my refreshed quilts.  

The first is a gold version of Shining Stars.

Shining Stars


I also used the gold print as the background in a Garden Charm quilt, with the white and pink hole punch print as the accent.  Grab two charm packs and some Tarrytown yardage and you can make this scrappy quilt for yourself.

Garden Charm

Of course, I still had to stick with what I know best and include a more typical-for-me version with a white background (the white and pink hole punch) and a navy accent (the navy hole punch print).


Garden Charm

Grab a jelly roll and an accent fabric and you can make a Tarrytown Double Take quilt.  I stuck with my favorite navy for the accent this time and the scrappy blocks really seem to shine among the dark chains.  I again used the white and pink hole punch print for the background.

Double Take


If you are loving the gold color as much as I am, you might prefer to use that for the accent in a Double Take quilt.  It definitely has a different feel to it than the navy version!

Double Take


If you have a layer cake, you can make a Blooming Kisses quilt.  There are two versions of this quilt included in the pattern and I have mocked up the Kisses version here.  I stuck with just my go-to navy accent this time.

Blooming Kisses

Treasure Hunt is another pattern featuring X's.  This one has a completely different construction method than Blooming Kisses, has much bigger blocks, and uses fat quarters.  This is also a great pattern if you want to show off your favorite prints without cutting them up into little pieces.  One of my favorite prints in this collection has adorable little turtles!

Treasure Hunt


Another fat quarter pattern that is one of my favorites is Stargazing.  I originally wasn't going to refresh this pattern in Tarrytown.  There are 25 blocks in the quilt and 25 prints in a fat quarter bundle, which sounds perfect except for the low volume prints that would not contrast well with the white background/accent.  

I couldn't resist though so I decided to replace four of the lowest volume prints with a couple of my favorites.  Buy a half yard of two prints and treat each as two fat quarters.  In this mockup below, I used the gold and a pink floral as my two extra half yards.



That's all for today!  If you want to see more quilts in Tarrytown, check out my Log Jam pattern.  I've also made a Friendship quilt that I shared on Instagram and you can see that here.  Finally, you can see my most recent pattern, Stay Square refreshed in Tarrytown in a previous Friday Fabric Refresh blog post here.

Are there other patterns that you would like to see refreshed with Tarrytown?  If so, let me know in the comments and I may be able to share it in a future Friday Fabric Refresh post.


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