Friday, October 29, 2021

Friday Fabric Refresh - Spooky 'n Sweeter by Art Gallery Fabrics

Happy Friday and Happy (almost) Halloween!  I'll admit that I have a strange relationship with Halloween.  I don't like Halloween parties or dressing up, but I love Halloween fabric and quilts! 

One of my favorite Halloween collections this year is Spooky 'n Sweeter by Art Gallery Fabrics.  I decided to feature this fabric for a Halloween edition of Friday Fabric Refresh.  Let's get started!

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Stay Square

First up is Stay Square, shown above.  I'm actually making this quilt right now!  I'm using a fat quarter bundle.  You only need 12 but the bundle has 17 fat quarters and I wanted to use all of them.  I cut two of them as directed in the pattern to get three blocks from each, but for the remaining 15 fat quarters, I cut two 10-inch squares from each and cut them using the layer cake cutting instructions.  

The downside of using fat quarters is that you can't have directional fabrics all going the same direction within one block.  With layer cake squares, the directional fabrics do all stay the same direction (as long as you are careful when sewing!) so being able to cut 10-inch squares from the fat quarters was a nice bonus, even though you need more and have more leftovers!


Next up is Treasure Hunt, which is a really fun fat quarter quilt! It looks more complicated than it is and the blocks are big!  As I mentioned earlier, Spooky 'n Sweeter only has 17 fabrics in the collection so a fat quarter bundle will not have enough to make Treasure Hunt, which requires 20 fat quarters.  In the mockup below, I added in a solid orange, pink, and purple to make up the difference, but you could also add in some coordinating fabrics from your stash.


Treasure Hunt

The remaining quilts are written for other types of precuts besides fat quarters.  I don't think Art Gallery Fabrics are available in precut strips or squares, so I'll let you know how many fat quarters of Spooky 'n Sweeter will give you the equivalent number of precut pieces.


Spellbound typically uses either a jelly roll and a honey bun or 25 fat eighths.   This is an easy one to convert to fat quarters.  With 13 fat quarters, you can cut twice as many pieces from 12 of them as you would from each fat eighth.  Of course, you can always use more if you want even more variety!




Garden Path is normally a layer cake quilt.  One fat quarter will give you as many pieces as three layer cake squares, so instead of 32 layer cake squares, you can make this quilt with as few as 11 fat quarters.  This is a great pattern if you want simple piecing, but want to practice sewing a quilt set on point.  

Garden Path

One of my favorite layer cake patterns is Besotted.  I love chain quilts!  This quilt can be made with 12 fat quarters.  Cut enough pieces from each fat quarter to make three blocks.

I used a black solid for the chain.  I often use black as an accent but it's especially appropriate for a spooky Halloween quilt!  Because I used black for the chain, I decided to leave out the black prints so that there would be plenty of contrast between the chain and the print fabrics.


Hidden Spools is a fun quilt that creates a spool shape in the background.  Even spools can be spooky!  This pattern uses charm packs but you can make this quilt with at least 14 fat quarters.  You can get as many as six blocks from each fat quarter.  


Hidden Spools


Fat quarters can also often be easily swapped for jelly roll strips.  That makes it really easy to make two of my favorite jelly roll patterns with Spooky 'n Sweeter without the jelly roll!

Window Box is a fun and popular jelly roll pattern and it looks good in any fabric!  Two strips cut from a fat quarter are the equivalent of one jelly roll strip, so cut twice as many strips as the pattern calls for and you can make this with fat quarters!  Just make sure you cut the strips in pairs of two. You can make this fat quarter version with just 10 fat quarters!


Window Box

My most recent jelly roll pattern is Log Jam and I planned ahead with this one and included fat quarter requirements and instructions in the pattern!  There are three layout options for this quilt and I still can't pick a favorite so I've mocked up all three!

Log Jam - layout 1

Log Jam - layout 2

Log Jam - layout 3

Finally, I decided to see what Spooky 'n Sweeter looked like as an Easy Argyle quilt.  The original Easy Argyle quilt used black and orange fabrics from Fig Tree's All Hallows' Eve collection so I decided to see what a different Halloween color scheme looked like.  I really like how this black and purple version looks!  The purple has little bats on it and the black has little orange plus marks.  I used the low volume print with the witch's hats for the large diamonds and white for the little diamonds.


Easy Argyle

That's all for today!  I hope you enjoyed all the spooky and sweet refreshed quilts!  If there are other patterns of mine that you want to see in Spooky 'n Sweeter, let me know in the comments below and I might be able to include it in a future Friday Fabric Refresh post!

Until next time,



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