Friday, November 13, 2020

Friday Fabric Refresh - Garden Charm

Happy Friday!!  Who else feels like this year is flying by extra fast all of a sudden?  I feel like I'm so behind on everything!  Normally, I would feature a pattern on a Friday Fabric Refresh post after I've released the pattern.  

With 2020 being such a weird year, and with so many things not going according to plan, I decided to do things backwards and show you some refreshed versions first!  I hope to have the pattern ready before the end of the month, but I'm not making any promises!

This pattern will be called Garden Charm and uses either fat quarters or charm packs, plus yardage.  I love, love, love the floral mum prints that were originally in Bonnie and Camille's Hello Darling line from a few years ago.  So of course I was super excited to see them bring those mums back in Shine On!  There are even a couple of new colors!

I designed this quilt around those mum prints and I love how they look in this quilt.  However, if you want a scrappier quilt, you can also use charm packs.

I'm sharing the fabric requirements at the end of this post so that if you fall in love with any of these versions, you can go ahead and buy your fabric and be ready when the pattern is available!

The first refreshed version is another Shine On version, but this time I've used the entire line instead of just the mums.  The rest of the fabric is the same.  I used the navy rainbows print for the accent and the rainbows on cream for the background.   

Folktale by Lella Boutique is another collection that I am super excited about and I've heard that it should be shipping to shops very soon!  The first quilt below uses charm packs and uses the blue dot print for the background and the cream print for the accent.

Another refreshed version in Folktale uses fat quarters of the small floral prints.  I used a print that I believe is called Gypsy Kiss for the accent.  I'm not really sure how to describe it; the shape of the print looks a little bit like a hashtag.  I think you'll know which print I'm talking about if you look up the collection online.

It might be another month or so before BasicGrey's Cider is out, but I am also very excited about this collection!  I couldn't decide if I liked the dark background with the light accent better or if I preferred the light background with the dark accent.  Which is your favorite?  Both of these use charm packs and yardage of the grunge basics that are part of the collection.

And last but certainly not least, here is Garden Charm in Corey Yoder's Holliberry.  I am definitely making this one!  I already have my fabric; just need to find the time!  I'm using the red and green x-print as the background and the charcoal star print as the accent.  

I hope these refreshed versions have given you some inspiration!  If you want to start gathering your fabric while I finish up the pattern, I have listed the fabric requirements below.  If you want to use a directional print for the background or accent (or both) as I did with the rainbows on the Shine On version, the pattern will include cutting and piecing instructions for making sure that those directional prints will all face the same way in the finished quilt!

To make Garden Charm (which finishes about 74"x74") you will need:

  • 6 fat quarter OR 2 charm packs
  • Accent - 2.5 yards
  • Background - 3.5 yards
  • Binding - 3/4 yard
  • Backing - 4.75 yards

If there are other fabrics that you would like to see Garden Charm refreshed in, let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can do!  And be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram page or my new Facebook page so that you don't miss the announcement when this pattern is ready!

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  1. Great quilt! On the Cider I think I prefer the lighter background - I think. :)